I found this piece and was wondering if this is his real signature?? I know he doesn't really sign his last name often and for some reason Daves signature seems a little odd to me, he said he got it from someone in Germany 

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no way.  Not even close

Thanks :) it really helps a lot, I figured with the last name but id rather people look at it who know all about this stuff, originally this is 1200 but he told me I can buy it for 350 because I told him if I were to get it authenticated and it fails i already lose 300 alone, he dropped the price to 350 for me on my messages but told me that since it's such a low price he can't accept returns. He can keep that fake junk with him Im not giving into the little mind games they try to play, thank you again for helping me it means so much

if it doesn't start around 2k basically run .and then start doing your homework.

people don't give stuff away like that they were only around for 3 years that people knew and a very short signing time

I had a guy just give me a budget for jerry Garcia 100-to 300 ,I had to break the bad news to him

Authentic Nirvana autographs goes for a few thousand $$$$ or more. The above was signed by the same hand. Read my blogs on Nirvana on the forum.

Oh I notice that now too, I see a big similarity between the style of Krist and Kurt on this paper, Dave they completely failed on because that autograph ive only seen signed about 2 ways but the letter D is always the same style and I see they messed up really bad there. I'm definitely going to check it out. I feel like an idiot of giving people the benefit of the doubt because I thought maybe they really needed cash and,were just trying to make a quick sell, if you get the chance can you take a look at the one below this discussion?? That's the last one I had watched and thats one I'm very stumped on because it's spelled with "Curt" but also has some signs that it completely messed up because it's just all lines after C, but it has an ACA grading and I contacted the ACA grading website about it along with finding their Facebook group but I'm still not feeling 100%

you are finding some really bad ones .

real one can be had  for the right money and knowledge

I'm just learning a bit still and these are currently auctions on eBay coincidentally the cheapest as well, they try to send me snarky messages as well. I told him it would cost alone probably 250 to 300 to get it looked at professionally and he took it as an offer and sent this 

Message from seller:

300 USD is a rude blow to me, since I paid for it 700 USD on 2011…
It’s hard to believe but I've had more than 500 signed photos and spent more than 140,000 USD with this passion but It was other times when my life was very diferent.
It may seem strange but I can accept 50% (350 USD). The truth is that, by selling just 338, I have long been able to recover all the investment I made, so, from now on, it is all profit and, due to my condition I'd rather not wait any longer.
So, I guess it's your liucky day, but, please understand, for thar price I will not accept any return..

Great deal and he will sign a few more after he sells u that

Definitely not buying that lol that would be over 600 just wasted on a fake, you should take a look on eBay when you have time. Just seeing how I'm getting a little better at identifying them makes me feel even worse for the people that are buying them



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