Can you guys tell me if this is real or not? I have a suspicion that I got swindled. I bought a lot of PSA items from a guy. The PSA numbers match the database so I figured they are real. I come to find out there are a lot of fake PSA items going around.

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someone posted they don't use that card for  high dollar itiems  how much did u pay

I am a Pawn Broker so I gave the guy a loan on these items.  

how much of a loan

You can email them to find out if their cert matches the item you have in your possession. Be sure to include images of your Zep album. Here is their email address:

I honestly believe there should have been a full letter issued by PSA along with a picture of the actual item. That's standard procedure on high dollar items.

PSA DNA will issue a full LOA if cost of authentication is at least $50.  Zeppelin is $150 and has been for awhile so a full letter definitely would have been issued.

I did email them. Here is what I received.


Due to the original authentication received a basic cert. not a letter of authenticity there will not be an image available.
We can create a letter however, the item would need to be submitted to PSA for a letter upgrade which is $10 shipping and handling fees would apply as well. See the attached autograph authentication form to resubmit and see the following link for more options of encapsulation  

Thank you, 


Hopefully, someone here can give you their opinion on the signatures. Do I see two John Bonham signatures on this album? I personally think this signed album is probably bogus. 

With that said, if PSA would actually issue a full letter certificate your album would be worth a lot. Unfortunately, they may reject this piece and you would be out further dollars.

For $15 you can get a quick opinion from Roger Epperson who is the best in the business.

I am shipping them to PSA. I’ll take a chance.  How long does it usually take for Roger to reply?

He is usually prompt. Within a day or two.

Cool.  Can you take a look at this Paul McCartney?

I'd wait for Rogers valued quick opinion ($15) to see if the LP warrants further authentication efforts (@$150).


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