Signed by all 4 members, framed with a platinum LP. It comes with a forensic COA. But the asking price of $1,699.99 has me a little skeptical about its authenticity. I would figure something of that rarity would easily fetch between 15-20k.
Thanks all.

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Yes, at least 20k IF it were real.  And you are only a LITTLE skeptical?

I emailed the forensic signature company and they sent back a verified copy stating it was a true certified item so I somewhat believed it but the price is why I didnt buy it yet

I agree with Bruce. Definitely worth $20,000+ if genuine. This is not one that I think has a chance of being real.

Thanks Steve, here's part of the description and after reading through previous posts on here im glad I asked first.
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I am impressed that you knew enough to check it out before you bought. These companies are experts at the confidence game, which is why so many people are burned. Good job!

Oh trust me, I almost bought it but the old saying goes "if its to good to be true, it probably is" funny thing is, he has a signed Rolling Stones guitar signed by all members, and other platinum records listed.

Yes, good job. I am also impressed. Steve is right, many folks get burned. It is very nice to see someone that has not been totally cremated ask questions before a purchase! You set an excellent example. :)

Forensic,just the word cracks me up when I see it here!

Yeah, it was definitely a red flag

the last real one at auction sold for right over 20 k  about a year ago in auction

probaly one of the wurst fakes ive seen in a while

After all the research I've done so far I agree.
Another pathetic forgery.Cant believe they get away with this.



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