Lennon Signed Photo Beckett Signature Review- Unlikely genuine for me, but gets slabbed for Press Pass

Hi I am new to the board but do a fair share of reading and have learned much from everyone's insight! Thanks to all contributors.

I thought the board may find this interesting.

A few months back I sent this item for a Beckett signature review and it was deemed unlikely genuine. John Lennon The Beatles Authentic Signed 3.5x5.5 Photo Autographed ...

I understand the purpose of Beckett signature review and its variables. It is the Presspass factor that causes me to raise a brow.

Ironically Presspasscollectibles has it slabbed shortly thereafter to no surprise. It went fairly cheap relatively too if I recall ($1800 ish if I am not mistaken), probably because of the unlikely signature reviews.

I respected the Perry Cox COA it had but I wonder how often do signature reviews at Beckett end up being slabbed for customers other than Presspass? Could someone at BAS be getting a cut of sales? Purely speculation but would make sense. Guess I am a bit irritated as many of the items I am outbid on at the last second end up being offered by Presspass, including this unique case. 

Thoughts and opinions are welcomed!

PS I am an autograph collector. I have about 10 Paul, 10 John, 10 George and 6 Ringo signatures and partial sets. Also have many baseball and entertainment signatures including Gehrig, Ruth, Monroe, Houdini etc. I also collect Upper Deck University Archives Hair Cut cards. Looking forward to contributing to the board more frequently.



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Not the best capture, but thought I'd add the original listing you were talking about... prior to being authenticated and slabbed. I completely understand the frustration as I've had similar situations with quick opinions and decided not to buy - only to see them later for sale authenticated  :-(

Agreed WHuffman. If it was not Press Pass Collectibles I would not be so alarmed.



Hi. Did you know about Perry's letter before you sent it to Beckett? No need for any other opinions if there's a letter from Perry. 

I thought it was real myself.

It's rather funny how many items pass through different tpa's hands with them issuing new coas

Perry’s COA should have been enough to let you have a go at it as you also thought it was ok. Is it worth your time and trouble to ask Beckett directly why your request came back no and the other request came back yes and slabbed?  I would not be impressed with Beckett!!!

Appreciate the responses.

Of course as I stated in the original thread that I highly respect Perry's COA but Beckett does a good job of encapsulating/preserving for display. Resell is of course very easy once an item is encapsulated also. Perry's expertise far outweighs anyone at PSA or Beckett, but his COA outside of music memorabilia circles is not as generally recognized as a Beckett or PSA slab.

Sidenote, I have bought at least about 4 or 5 items from Perry so I agree with all positive statements regarding his opinions. This is definitely not a matter of the Perry COA, it is a matter of possibly favorable treatment and integrity between Beckett and Presspass.



Agree wholeheartedly 



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