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not for me !


I’m not convinced-it’s a no from me.

Call me crazy. But it looks good to me. 

I think from that scan it looks ok to me. John was a mad signer so loads of crazy ones like this around ....would need to see a better scan of this though.

Is it for sale?

Yes in an auction house in Germany 

Can you post a link? I’d love to bid. 

Here the Link Mark Saunders


I asked the auction house for the history of the autograph, the answer was

-The consignor was John Lennon's makeup artist during the
Filming of the film "How I won the war", which partly in 1966
Germany was filmed. He got the card straight from John Lennon
get free.

Check this out. 


yeah the signature is good... but do you think this may be a photocopy ?



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