Very unfortunate to hear about the passing of Mr. Leonard Nimoy.  He was a very talented actor and I have had the pleasure of studying his beautiful autographs over the last couple of years. My thoughts are with his family, may he rest in peace.

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very sad!!!

Rest in peace, Mr. Nimoy.

Will be interesting to see the scumbags dump their Nimoy forgeries on Ebay. You can bet I will report all that I see.  Just in the past 20 minutes there have been 30 new listings and just as many that sold.  Saddens my heart to see this stuff happening when a celebrity dies. How do they sleep at night?

Would you be willing to share some of your examples of his autograph, Benjamin?

Unfortunately I do not own any of his autographs but have had the pleasure of studying his signature since 2012. I have examples here in my database that shows some of the evolution of his signature which always stayed pretty nice for the most part depending on how and where you got him to sign. I will show you some of the examples I have here in my database.

First is two nice examples of his signature signed in full with every letter. One can certainly appreciate the beauty in his full signature. It's pretty evident that he took great pride in signing it.

Attachments (don't post photos as attachments):

Here are some of what I call text book Nimoy signatures which is what most people would get from him. Notice the similarities in all three of them. Even though it isn't the quality of the full name elegant signatures, they are still very attractive and are arguably every letter.

Attachments (don't post photos as attachments):

And here is a more recent signature which is more shaky and has lost a little of it's previous elegance. You can see the formation is more round and curvy but still very much a nice looking signature.

Attachments (don't post photos as attachments):

May he rest in Peace. I am sure we should all Live long and prosper.  Scott

 Live Long, Prosper & R.I.P Mr. Spock.

     _ _       _ _
    \ \ \   / / /
     \ \ \ / / /   _
      I           ]_/ / 
      L          __/
        I       I 

Rest in peace, Mr. Nimoy, and thanks for many years of great entertainment.

I received this signed book through-the-mail and thought it authentic. Even if the signature can be explained as sloppier than Benjamin's "neat" example, the handwriting does not appear to be consistent.

Obtained through the mail at the same time I got the book above.



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