Hi guys,

Im looking to purchase something signed from David Gilmour.

My girlfriend is a huge fan of Pink Floyd, especially David, and I want to surpise her. 

We come from Macedonia, and never managed to get near Gilmour since he never did a show near us. 

Im not looking for anything big, because I dony have a lot of money to spend, maybe a photo, CD, a poster, etc.

I tried looking for something online, like amazon, ebay, and some other sites, but it seems like there a lot of forgeries, and thats how I ended up on this forum.

Any offer would be appreciated.

Thank you

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What is your actual budget? He will at least a few hundred or more, depending what, when and with what and eye appeal.

I was hoping to get something for a few hungred, maybe $200-$300. I just want her to have something signed by him. Saw some photos on ebay selling for around $250, but after reading some topics here, Im not sure if they are genuine

I'm sorry to say you probably won't find anything authentic on anything but a scrap of paper (if lucky) in that price range - especially if related to Floyd. Be sure to check Floyd Authentic

I have a couple that id be willing to part with.




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