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Maybe, but if Hans, he has done better forgeries than this!

I agree he has.. I've seen many with the similar dates and multiple signed ...I guess he's human and every signature is different .. Regardless . Is not Elvis...

I was offered a  3 times signed driving manual.. Elvis' own apparently.. Vernon signed too.. by bakker and very fake..

The buyer tried to swap a genuine one I had for the forgery...I spoke with rich consola and he agreed. 

It had all the hallmarks of bakker multiple signed .. Army stamp... Looked better than this but still had a very similar date added..

I do admit most of his had the joined S and P

Like this "59" from a fake posted on here...

+1 No doubt that this is fake. 

Maybe this is a forgery of a forgery... Or an early bakker? 

I don't think that this is Hans Bakker forgery. Personal to me it seems that it's just an another forgery. I'm totally agree with Steve Viola, that Bakker has done better forgeries than this.


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