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I’m looking to solicit members opinions on an item I am looking to get signed by the actors who played the four hobbits in the Lord of the Rings movies. This is an art print by Aaron Horkey (roughly 20” x 40”) and runs a few hundred dollars on eBay. I am debating whether to get the item signed itself, probably in silver metallic sharpie, or on black index cards that will be laid in the matting around the print once I get it professionally framed. 

I guess I am wondering what you guys would do in this instance or maybe you have some ideas that I maybe haven’t thought of yet? Any and all thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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You may want to consider having the print signed in the white margins with a black Sharpie.

Sorry, the picture isn't very clear. There are no white margins, that is only a white sheet of paper that the print is laying on.

Oh!  Then silver should work.  I would consider two signatures to the left and two signatures to the right of the title on the bottom of the print.

I was kind of thinking along the same lines, I just don’t know if it would look too busy at the bottom of the piece, but there may be no way around it without having them sign directly on the image. That was why I was thinking the black index cards in the matting, but maybe that’s not a great idea.

I would not frame it with index cards.  Index cards are usually reserved for groups of autographs that are difficult to complete.  If you have an opportunity to achieve all four autographs, have them sign an actual item.  Even a baseball would be better than four separate index cards.

That’s a good point. Thanks for your help Mike.

Hi Derek!  Love the poster!  I’d have them sign at the bottom left & right in silver or gold paint pen.  I think it will look fantastic.  I have a LOTR mondo print I’ve had signed by 4 as well, and thinking of adding Billy & Dom (pic below). Would love to see yours when complete. 

That looks great! I’ll definitely post it once I get it signed. 

Side note, I don’t want to cramp the signatures in a tight spot. What would personal opinions be if the signatures ended up covering some of the artwork?

Derek, I am referring to the artwork to the left and right of the title.  Silver should work well there.

I see what you’re saying. Yeah I think you’re right, those would probably be the best spots.

Best of luck.  Please keep us posted.

That looks amazing.  I would not use a gold Sharpie on Derek’s, though.  The contrast is a concern.


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