Lot of Michael Jackson signatures... real or fake? (Forger Erick Oswaldo McKay, Erick Mckay Burgos) marc-at2014, always-4-fun, bluelifesaver, disneycolector eBay names

Hope I'm asking this in the right section...
I've recently bumped into this person's little collection of MJ sigs...


My concern is that all those sigs look too similar... I'm thinking they're signed by the same person, but I'm stumped as to if they're really Michael.

Thank you for any opinions/help in advance.

MODERATOR NOTE:  All of Erick McKay Burgos' art folders on Deviant Art have been removed by him after being outted here.  They were screen captured before his removal and are listed below.   Please use them to reference as you read through this thread.

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 Latest fake from bluelifesaver on ebay : an 'MJ signed' matchbook offered at $200 BIN.


Michael Jackson signed Gladstone s 4 FISH matchbox Autographed Michael Jackson

  • Michael Jackson signed Gladstone's 4 FISH matchbox Autographed Michael Jackson.
  • Authentic not a copy or a preprint.

  From 'bluelifesaver' on ebay, a fake MJ signature on a Mexican currency note, offered at $63 start.


Michael Jackson signed 1993 Estadio Azteca 1000 pesos bill Jackson autograph

  • Michael Jackson signed 1993 Estadio Azteca 1000 pesos bill Jackson autographed 1000 Mexican pesos currency.
  • Still in quite good shape this is a 1984 Mexican 1000 pesos bill, signed while Michael was in Mexico for his Estadio Azteca mega concert.
  • Will ship free with economy mail within the USA only.

  Two more fake-signed CDs on ebay.com from 'bluelifesaver.

1. Jackson 5 Greatest Hits Motown Compact Classic CD  offered at $79.95 ('located in Chicago').


Jackson 5 Michael Jackson autograph signed CD.

Selling this Motown Jackson 5 CD signed in the CD's info. page (see pictures please) by Michael Jackson. 
CD has been tested and sounds fine. 

2. The Jacksons Live CD - Plastic box 'signed', offered at $81.


  • The Jacksons Live Michael Jackson autograph signed CD.
  • Signed CD of the Jackson's Jackson 5 (signed in plastic case) by Michael Jackson. 
  • It sounds fine, tested. CD case shows signs of wear. 5 small cracks in back of case (see photos).

  Another fake from bluelifesaver.  An 'Eye' drawing on Hotel Lotte Seoul (S Korea) notepaper, offered at $67.24  (incl on ebay uk).


Hotel Lotte Seoul Korea signed Michael Jackson stationary with doodle autograph

A very rare and authentic Hotel Lotte, Seoul Korea stationary document signed by  Michael Jackson, it has Michael's eye sketched by Michael himself. Not a copy not a print either.

   ..and also on ebay a young MJ 'fake signed' Black and white photo, offered at $69.95


Michael Jackson black and white signed picture young Michael autograph

Nice and in good condition 11X7.5 inches, black and white authentic autographed photo of a young Michael Jackson.


I need your help so I came to see you, having discovered your excellent site. I have the opportunity to buy a Michael Jackson autograph, but I have no way of verifying its authenticity. It would have been signed in London in 2002. Could you give me your opinion? Thanks!

Hi, This thread is actually about fakes produced by a forger called Erick, and I think 'general enquiries' are best addressed as new posts under 'M J autographs' where more people will see them,. Having said that, and although I mainly follow fake MJ drawings, I can't see that the image of the signature above has any particular 'MJ features'.  It's worth looking at known examples of his signatures over the years in order to become as familiar as possible with them....    and also to look at lots of examples of fakes. 

Thank you!

A group of Erick MJ-fakes selling via charlies-9441 on ebay com.  Seven bids and up to $174-50 to date. 


Michael Jackson signed Mega Combo 3 autographs, newspaper, cirque du soleil plus

Michael Jackson signed Mega Combo 3 autographs, newspaper, cirque du soleil tour program and one entertainment magazine.

  Three autographs (different styles as we all know Michael signature morphed during the years). May 28th. 1999 Entertainment weekly magazine signed by Michael Jackson in page 87. Los Angeles Times sunday July 12th. 2009 Michael Jackson tribute insert (not signed) 20 pages (large, 12X22 inches). Michael Jackson The Immortal world tour Cirque Du Soleil program with ticket from 09/03/2013, large (13.5 X 11.5 inches). Single 3X3 inches autograph. Young Michael's photo measuring around 9X8 inches. 
At this time I am shipping only with Ebay international shipping, and I have no control over how long it takes to arrive in your country.

  Also sold by Charlies-9441 on 12 June 23 for 152 usd:


Michael Jackson 3X signed autograph plus 5 MJ's tribute magazines

Black and white signed picture measures around 11X8 inches

Orange autograph measures around 5.5X5
One more autograph comes (as seen in photos) inside Michael's CD booklet

  ..and sold by Charlies-9441 this fake MJ 'Chaplin' type drawing, sold for $165 on 6th May 2023:


Michael Jackson autograph Michael Jackson signed drawing of Charlie Chaplin.

Selling a nice Michael Jackson signed drawing of Charlie Chaplin measuring around 8.8X4.0 inches.
Signed and done with a pencil.
Paper the signature is on is sort of a very light very pale blue.
This is an authentic piece of memorabilia, not a copy or a preprint.

 ...also previously sold on 4 May 23, this peter Pan video at $77.77 usd:


  • Michael Jackson autograph signed Peter Pan sealed VHS 45th. anniversary.
  • Amazing item, brand new sealed Peter Pan 45th anniversary VHS (from the Disney Store) signed by Michael Jackson.


and this MJ 'signed' photo sold for 152.50 usd on 9th July 2023:


Michael Jackson signed picture Michael Jackson autograph.

Very nice 10X8 photo of Michael Jackson, signed in gold marker, immaculate no issues with picture at all.


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