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Hello everyone, my mom is a Massive "I love Lucy" fan and seems to have just about it all except autographs, so for Mother's Day I'd like to get her an authentic lucille ball. I found 2 photos I'd
Ike to get your expert opinions on to see if either one is real and maybe your opinions on the companies selling them. Thank you greatly!



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I don't know much about Lucille Ball autographs at all, but, in general, I would strongly recommend avoiding both of those dealers.

Ok, what would be your thoughts or "trust" with something being sold that's been authenticated already like the file I have attached below? I'm not a collector but I have to say you guys are in the most stressful hobby lol. Thank you for your response
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If I was flying blind and had to pick from the three posted, I'd say the PSA/DNA cut you just posted would be the safest bet.

There are some for sale on R&R Auction, but they wouldn't be items you could get in time for Mother's Day:



That's ok, I care more about getting what's right more then the timing. Thank you for the links and your help

Here's another from Rolf Ramsier.  Again, I'm posting these based on the good reputation of (and my own confidence in) the seller, not my own knowledge of Lucy's signature.




I really appreciate your help I've decided what I'm going to do here, I found this photo with her and desi. I've attached the link. If you agree that's a good bet to go with then I'm getting it. If not than I'm going to hold out and try to win the book you linked me to earlier.once again thank you SO much for your help


I'd wait for more opinions if you can.  I personally don't like recommending solely on the basis of JSA or PSA authentication.  Both companies have their share of issues.  I'm surprised we haven't had any more input thus far.  Given her level stardom and legacy, I would think that some people on this forum would know more about her signature.

Depending on how much you want to spend there are Lucille Ball checks out there.  You could have that matted and framed with a "still."  That would be the safest way to have an authentic autograph.  That or there are Lucy and Desi signed contracts also.  You would have to factor in matting and framing though.This is an example of a signed contract

Hello everyone. I took that advice and went with the checks. This is what I ended up getting, I really really hope I don't get told that these are fake too haha. Next yeAr I'm sticking with flowers lol! Thank you for helping me everyone you've been very kind!
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One more
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Wow that is really great. You are a good son I am sure your mother will be very happy. 



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