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Thank you, President Biden, for your 52 Years of Service to all Americans.

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I was able to buy a signed cd just now…

I got one and then it said sold out after. I'd keep checking though I seen it say sold out earlier and it came back in stock.

The album is coming out next week, keep an eye out for re-stocks! If I remember correctly, last year's album had a re-stock a few days prior to album release.

Anyone have any idea if this restocked recently, or just the one time the morning after? Trying to figure out if someone is screwing with me or not. Been tracking this daily to try and grab a vinyl on the restock!

I have been checking regularly but have not seen a restock.  Hoping there is one in the next 24 hours connected with the release.  I'll post if I see one.  Please do as well

My guess will be no. This was on his Bootleggers page the day of it going on sale and all the bots that attacked the site

Absolutely, if I see it I'll throw up a comment ASAP, with all the cancelled orders, I'd think there would be a solid amount of items available on the restock.
Majority of those orders were cancelled per comments on other autograph pages, so there should be a restock soon, like he did with his last album. FINGERS CROSSED!


The canceled orders were offered to bootleggers thru a link that was shared to members so they could get a chance to buy


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