Found this and wondering your opinions 

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I don’t think it’s authentic.

Here is one from the signing posted in the RACC group

I don't think Paul signed that. It's an improvement on a forgery style Ballroom brought to our attention.

I'm referring to the one in the OP, not Adam's.

the Kathryn is the book illustrator who signed them also

Yes Eric I know, but I was asking about Paul’s signature not Kats, any thoughts on the McCartney?

I’m I meant Marc E

I think it looked a bit off to me as well, 

thanks for for checking it out members it’s always appreciated 

I don't think it's authentic. The "P" must start from the top, then goes down and then goes back to the top and continues to the "a" (like in Adam's example).

Here the "P" begins from the bottom. Paul never begins his "P" from the bottom nowadays.  




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