Can anyone eMadonna.jpglse chime in on this one?

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The work of the world's # 1 Madonna serial faker  (USA)....End of

This person is getting better and better. I believe I've seen his/her work being offered in some major auctions and well known dealers.

Not sure what happened to our Madonna specific group here but we sure could use the dedicated forum to keep members informed.

he just pushes whatever he/she can to whoever...regardless....I have had many lots of his work withdrawn from auction sites/ auction houses....its costs the faker nothing so he has nothing to loose....they have been active for well over a decade now!!!!

Thanks for chiming in- Do we know who it is? Name I mean?

Their real name no..........I have various names for them....but I don't want to get booted off this site....


Ha! Well this is about 20 years old. And I have a suspicion as to the name, just didnt know if it matched up to what anyone else thought.

But you guys may not have one, just curious.


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