Hey everyone.  I won the following item on Iconic last night for $357 before premium.  I don't have any Madonna and this was something of an impulse buy.  A couple of questions: 1) Did I do okay on the price on this?, 2) The package is sealed, never opened.  Is this the type of item that would be best left sealed, or can I open it and frame the letter?  What's the best approach?  Thanks for any help. 

Sealed limited edition "English Roses" box set featuring a signed letter from Madonna along with five other books released by the queen of Pop herself! Overall in excellent condition, the box set with the letter and books inside is still sealed in plastic. We guarantee this lot to pass Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) authentication. Full certification for this item can be acquired for an additional fee. Please contact our offices at 1-800-325-7127 or email us at for pricing and details.

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I will only speak to the "sealed" part of this.

For resale purposes, it's always best to keep it sealed and include all documentation. I have several sealed books that I will never unseal, but that's because I have several examples of this person's signature to view in other formats.

But if it's for you as a keepsake, then by all means open it up and enjoy it. 

Thanks!  Brings something to mind - seek another one, presumably already opened, so that I can keep this one sealed and display/ enjoy the other.  Damn - hate when a good idea means spending more money, haha.  

You over paid. English Roses can easily be bought on ebay around 200.00 without a additional buyers premium.  Also the English roses boxset doesn't have a signature as nice as the blue boxset which can be bought around or below the price you paid for the English roses.  I opened both boxsets that I bought as I wanted to know the edition # and see the signature.

Hi AJ.  Thanks for your comment.  Interesting - as you saw I copied the item description directly from the listing.  However, the photo in the listing was a blue package I think.  I hope that when it arrives it is the one available generally for around the price I paid.  Appreciate learning about the distinction.  Thanks again.  

as a collectible don't open it it ruins the value.

if u want it for yourself feel free to open it

10-4.  Thanks!



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