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I bought these autographs in an estate sale last weekend.  There is no COA with either of them, but they look like the guy had them for a while. 

I'm new to this group, but would appreciate any info you might have regarding authenticity.  The Mantle did have a Auto ticket dated July 2, 1998, that was good for one Autograph.  Only $12.00.

Thanks Kirby in Arkansas

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One thing for sure is that Mantle didn't sign anything on earth on July 2, 1998. He passed away in 1995. 

However, that doesn't mean the autograph is not authentic. It just wasn't signed on that date. My opinion is that it is authentic. There are other Mantle experts here who will chime in.

I also think the Dimaggio is authentic.

Maybe the ticket said 1988.  Thanks for this info!!

the autographs are authentic. the signing date is incorrect, unless the 12 bucks included a shovel.

The more classic DiMaggio sig.

Both no question authentic


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