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I am going to an auction tomorrow and there is a lot of autographed photos including this signed photo. Now I am no expect on Miss Monroe and have scanned the web to see if I can find this photo. I have been unsuccessful so....Has anyone seen this signed photo before and if so, do you think this is a pre-print. Any help would be appreciated.

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Very hard to see from that small angled image. I have messaged a member named Pauline, sent a link and asked her to comment on this - she is the one to ask.

It does look like a preprint as there is so much ink and no dedication but a generic inscription.

Here is another:

Hi Eric,

I will go to the auction and take some better photos and look to see if I can see the ink.

I want to see what other photos are in the lot.

The estimate is £3000-£5000

If I am not sure about the Monroe photo, There may not be enough other material to interest me at that price.


For the lot? Signed MM photos are bringing a LOT. That seems very low to me. 

The photographer was Frank Powolny, 1953. A matte finish 8x10 of this image, the one I showed " To Wilson" with that lovely inscription, sold at RR for $23K in April, 2022.

As I said Eric. I will go and take some better photos tomorrow and let Pauline take a look then.


This is the original photo so....you maybe able to see the signature better with this photo

Thanks. It is not much better. Many of those appear to be dedicated to "Christine". But there may be preprints in there. I believe the Monroe is a preprint/facsimile. Just much too heavy an application when her hand was so very light. Let's see what Pauline says.

I'm with you Eric.

I think it is a pre-print !

It also appears very even in application. I would expect the first strokes of her name to be quick and thinner if hand signed. There appears no variation here.

I tried to make the image a little easier to see - best I can do:

Here is the photo again w MM from Pauline's wonderful site:

Marilyn Monroe's Autograph



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