Hello Friends,

I have just got Marilyn Monroe signature from recent RR Auction yesterday after waiting for 3 years. It is a bit faded but the price is quite reasonable (at $1,278 included BP) compared to previous auction. So I am wondering if the price is a good deal. 

Your kind comment on authenticity and price of this signature would be appreciated. 



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Hi Kit,

You are very welcome. In the context of the case, one might not even need a photo in the frame. From what I can see silver leaf will look better in your case then such warm gold. Looking forward to seeing the result.

Best wishes,


It is absolutely real, pity is faded but genuine it is!

Thanks for your comment, Pier. 

One thing you might want to consider is where you put it as you'll want to protect this from UV light, etc. as you really don't want this to fade further. One option might be to take it out of the frame so it is kept in the dark although many like to display their items proudly.

Hi DP,

Thanks for your suggestion. If I keep the signature in showcase with normal fluorescent light inside the room, do you think this light may cause the fading problem? 

Use UV glass and place in relative shadow. Further degradation caused by the paper itself. Perhaps buffered/neutral atmosphere.


Thanks for your suggestion, Eric. Will do according to your suggestion. 


You're welcome. Anything that I have with lighter signatures which I try to avoid, I keep covered and only bring them out to look at, and put them back right away. Any autographs I bought that were already framed I generally remove them from the frame or put them away in their frame. 




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