The selling is including a Beckett letter of authenticity and there is a Beckett hologram but I'd love to hear any second opinions.


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If this was signed in Dallas there should be Hamill's sticker on it.  Please ask to see that and if not then the provenance makes no sense.

It 100% was not signed in Dallas at the most recent Hamill signing because the Beckett letter is dated early March and the event did not take place until March 31 to April 2

And we still haven't seen the Beckett sticker/letter. With that sig ya need it!

Thanks Rich.

Wasn't Mark responding to people on twitter asking him if he really signed an item they posted in question...?

Would be interesting to see his thoughts on this one.

He approved it!

Yeah,seems like that's the way he signed them, they weren't easy to sign so that's what people got.Ive seen a few including the ones shown here. Still not pleasing to the eye.



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