I have found this signed Mark Knopfler photograph for sale and wanted your thoughts as to whether it's authentic or not?

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Hi Dan,

I think it looks pretty dag on good to me. I dont know for sure. Mark has been one of those sigs for me that seemed pretty hard to authenticate. At least in an amateurs eyes. Its such a weird signing style and their normally arent many distinct curves and angles, so to me its hard. It kind of reminds me of slow childs writing, lol. At least thats how it comes across to me. And thats where it has worried me in the past with a piece i purchased off ebay. It would seem to be a very easy style to forge, but typically the bad forgeries are apparent. Yours looks good to me though. here is a scan of the one i bought, its dedicated and came complete with a ticket stub of marks concert, but b/c of his style of sig, i have always worried about it. Do you have any opinion on it? But if i found the example you posted at a good price, id go for it.

Hi Trapper,

Thanks very much for that and he certainly has a difficult signature. It's only $20 plus shipping and the seller has a couple of other items that are PSA / DNA certified so my gut feeling is it's good.

The one you posted looks fairly identical and based on a couple of others I checked it looks good to me.


I think it's good unless it's a pre-print. I have some that I got in person that looks just like these. I will try to get a picture.

Being a big fan of Mark's work, I own two examples that I purchased directly from a stage hand that traveled with Mark on the Shang ra la Tour. (set list & tour program). My signatures match yours perfectly!, I feel that they are genuine! Good luck!



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