What are people's thought's on this signed copy of "Why we can't wait" by MLK?

On initial viewing I thought it looked fine. Having looked a little closer, a couple of traits concern me. Firstly is the unusually large downstroke before commencing the initial upstroke in the "M". The second issue is the what happens with the end of the "g" in King - it's a very unusual formation and looks hesitantly penned.

Keen to know what others make of it ....

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That was not signed by MLK in my opinion. It's crudely copied. 

Thanks Steve 

Here's an example of a real one from PSA Autograph Facts. The one you're asking about may have been copied from it:

Good comparison. Looking at it closer, there's plenty of other issues with it - The "B" in "Best", the "K" in "King" and there's not much to like about the "Jr". 

Thanks for your detailed reply concerning the McQueen yesterday - I will update when I have enough free time ....

You're right. No flow.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on McQueen when you get around to it. I like when specific reasons and characteristics are discussed.


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