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mysterious punk rock band Max Creeps offers signed options in their shop. Seems like Duff McKagan might be one of their members. Worth a shot maybe…

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Never heard of these guys.  Started to look them up and now I'm even more confused.. the members seem to be called Max Blastic and PC B*******... who??  here's an interview on vimeo


Ok, after more research, I see what you mean about Duff McMahan now.. but this is like spending money on a mystery grab bag... even if Duff is involved, how will it be signed? This is a weird one

Probably will sign with their alter-ego names…

Now I'm reading there are hints Billie Joe Armstrong is involved... come on.. hes on my bucket list.. i just spent so much money lately, trying to cut back and now this happens where its a gamble... this is hilarious in so many wrong ways

Spend your money how you see fit. I’ve read Green Day, Duff… now Henry Rollins is attached with some flyers he found for this weird band.

All of this is fictional hype to sell the album, but it will be interesting to see who is involved and how.

I took a chance and purchased 1 each of the vinyls with their coupon code.. I definitely do not do this often.. if this turns out to be nothing, lesson learned.. now how am I going to explain this to my wife...

thanks for posting this.... ??? I think...lol

I grabbed one. I can’t wear a t-shirt in public that says “Bullsh1t”, so I skipped the bundle…

Edit: my order statement of completion came from UMG.

Yep via Bravado.. My order confirmation email doesn't state these are signed.. but there are no unsigned versions in the store so hopefully it doesn't matter

They’ll be signed. I learned about it from their Instagram post. Anyway… this is a lottery ticket. Let’s see.

Looks like duff in the video singing. Who is the other guy? Maybe a big star and we will find out more later?

Its all made up but I doubt this campaign is funded by random people. Even if it is... wouldn't you want an album signed by The Lone Rangers from Airheads? They possibly could be famous after this stunt regardless of the music..

They got me.. marketing stunt worked.. 


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