mysterious punk rock band Max Creeps offers signed options in their shop. Seems like Duff McKagan might be one of their members. Worth a shot maybe…

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From the interview posted on here earlier P.C. Bull!#$! is definitely Duff and Max Blastic is the bigger guy. as I said it was hinted that the band members could be from the musicians listed in the article and The Fastbacks' Kurt Bloch does look like the other guy from the video and interview. but just a guess

I agree with you. It is the most likely outcome. Before the release of the new song, I had a theory that everything they released is fake so far. I thought they possibly created fake music as a decoy using real song names from the album and once the real album is released, we would all be blown away by real music. Im abandoning that theory now but will still continue to look for clues. We will know soon enough 

Jor-El, I'm not sure about that. I see PC Bulls*** and Max Blastic written.. PC could be written by anyone. I dont think its BJA's handwriting. Looking close,, it could be, but the angle is off.. i really hope this is another possible decoy and they will arrive signed different. Otherwise we will all have to come together like a forensic team and compare the handwriting to signatures of everyone that has been involved.. 

I'd heard not so much as a whisper yet about this Max Creeps thing until making the mistake of taking a quick peek at you guys' thread here.

Ten minutes later, there's no way I can not have a go at this record!

Where did you find the coupon code for it that you mentioned?

Haha.. they got you too.. this is a gamble for sure. 

WELCOME10 was the coupon code they gave me for signing up

Received an email from Duff promoting it. So, he is definitely involved…

I bought one of each vinyl. We will see. This is fun actually 

Just hope everybody plays it cool if Green Day, Henry Rollins, etc. are not involved, and it's Duff and one of the guys from the Fastbacks.

I'm excited and hopeful, too, but I've seen some threads on here take a turn when people are disappointed.

One can always cancel the order if they need too. 

No way.. if it turns out to be no names. Ill have a good laugh and just be happy I was along for the ride.. i do not gamble often. Duff and Bloch are cool if it turns out to be them.. i think the only thing that would disappoint me is if these came signed as Max and PC.. and no way to distinguish who signed them.. it would switch from memoribilia to just part of my music collection. ill end up sticking one with my other vinyls and the other was going in my daughters collection anyways. When shes older, ill make sure she learns from this experience.. 

I cant lie though, the thought of possibly having a real Billie Joe Armstrong is really exciting for me.. Green Day was a HUGE part of my teen years when they 1st came out. GnR was too but earlier.. before I became an emotional wreck of a teenager.. its a long shot and im 99.999% sure he won't be on these

This whole publicity stunt reminds me of 1994-95.. Michael Jordan was rumored to be coming out of retirement and there was an ad campaign of Jordan pretending to be another player.. Johnny Kilroy.. I still have that Upper Deck card they made of him.. man those were good times to be living in Chicago.. anyways, im getting similar feelings from this campaign.. its going to be memorable for me so its totally worth being a part of it all

Interesting thing is slipknots logo pops up on my PayPal transaction where I paid for two of the signed vinyls.

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Now that would be amazing lol



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