i've met over 200 celebs in person...
to all autograph magazine live users,
what are some of your favorite celebs that you've met?
maybe we have some in common...


1Barbara Eden

2Britney Spears

3Victoria Beckham

4B.J. Thomas

5Donny Osmond

6Arnold Palmer

7the Beach Boys

8the Righteous Brothers

9Peter, Paul, & Mary

10Carrot Top

11Wayne Newton

12Clay Aiken

13Alice Cooper

14Jesse McCartney

15Pete Rose

16Dave Prowse

17Tommy Byrne

18Kelly Clarkson

19Buck Owens

20Debbie Reynolds

21Jordin Sparks

22Hale Irwin

23Tiger Woods

24Mark Martin

25Al Gore

26Tipper Gore

27Dan Quayle

28Gary Player

29Kim McAbee

30Dave Stockton

31Tom Watson

32One Call


34Better than Ezra

35Annika Sorenstam

36Hootie and the Blowfish

37Lanny Wadkins

38Jeniffer Mills

39Jim Nantz

40Coach K. for Duke College Basketball

41Larry Nelson

42Neil Sedaka

43Air Supply

44Celine Dion

45Phil Mickelson

46John Daly

47Patty Berg

48the Four Tops

49Billy Casper

50Hubert Green

51David Duval

52Hillary Clinton

53Chuck Mangione

54Lee Trevino


56Prima J

57Greg Norman

58Dave Stockton Jr.

59Davis Love III

60J.C. Snead

61Cassandra Lynn

62Larry Rudolph

63Dave Marr II

64Ray Thomas

65Lance Burton

66Seigfred & Roy

67Charles Moody

68Jack Nicklaus

69Billy Joel Royal

70Karie Webb

71Bruce Leitzke

72Alan Osmond

73Marie Osmond

74Criss Angel

75the Buckaroos

76Mac King

77Tyler Hansborough

78Michael Jordan

79Tom Kite

80Richard Petty

81Derek Hough

82Emma Bunton

83Melanie C.

84Rita McKenzie

85Muggsy Bogues

86Rod Smith

87Brenda Lee

88Nicole Scherzinger

89Joan Rivers

90Craig Stadler


92Taylor Lautner

93Florence Henderson

94Betty White

95Antonella Nester

96Lisa Robertson

97Elliot Smith

98Britney Spears' Band

99Paul Azinger

100Ben Crenshaw

101Payne Stewart

102Fred Couples

103Nick Faldo

104Ernie Els

105Ray Floyd

106Al Geiberger
107Nancy Lopez

108Bernhard Langer

109Gene Littler

110Ken Venturi

111Rives McBee

112Bob Murphy

113Byron Nelson

114Andy Griffith

115Betty Lynn

116Larry Hagman

117Demi Lovato

118Selena Gomez

119the Jonas Brothers

120Zac Efron

121Hugh M. Hefner

122Mark Ballas

123Lance Bass

124Kevin G. Schmidt

125Tony Oller

126Justin Bieber

127Miley Cyrus

128Adam West

129Alan B. Shepard

130Sam Snead

131Tyra Banks

132Aaron Carter

133Kathy Griffin

134Donald Trump

135Bill Daily

136the Pretenders

137the Backstreet Boys

138Barry Manilow

139Gary McCord

140Doug Sanders

141Casey Aldrige

142Jamie Lynn Spears

143Lynne Spears

144Jacque Gonzales

145Chip Beck

146David Toms

147Tommy Hilfiger

148Don Knotts

149John Mayer

150Nick Carter

151Justin Timberlake

152Keli Price

153Kendra Basquet

154Stereo Serenade

155Jim Nabors

156Joe Dimaggio

157Julliane Hough

158Ryan Reynolds

159Eddie Cibrian

160Emily Procter

161Bill Leslie

162Mark Roberts

163Robert Luddy

164Pam Saulsby

165David Henrie

166Jake T. Austin

167Kathy Griffin

168Mitchel Musso

169Leonardo DiCaprio

170Levi Johnston

171Sabrina Bryan

172Stewart Cink

173Aaron Baddeley

174George Archer

175Zach Boychuk

176Melissa Joan Heart

177Frankie Jonas [jonas bro. jr.]

178Orlando Bloom

179Bob Mackie

180Robert Pattinson

181Michael Jackson's Father

182Burt Ward

183Emily Osment

184Bill Clinton

185George W. Bush

186Gerald R. Ford

187Doug Ford

188Dane Cook

189Mary Tyler Moore

190Big Rob

191Brooke Burke

192David Venable

193Chaz Dean

194Steve Wyrick

195Marc Bouwer

196Jonathan Rotem aka J.R.

197Sherry Kondor

198Claude Kelly

199Steve Rushton

200Big Time Rush

201Lady GaGa

202Dale Jr.

203Kasey Khane

204Timmy McCartney

205Lea McCartney

206T Pain

207David Beckham

208Christian Lassen

209Bob Estes

210Carrie Ann Inaba

211Billy Bush

212Bob Charles

213Paul Butcher

214Shirley Ballas

215Brandon Beemer

216Lachlan Buchanan

217Lincoln Lewis

218Kelly Tilghman

219George Bush Sr.

220Kurt Warner

221Joshua Morrow



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i'd like to meet Johnny Depp, because i've heard he signs alot for his fans, but i live on the east coast, so it would be kind of hard for that to happen.
Johnny is notoriously generous when it comes to taking time for his fans and signing autographs. I'm with you ... I'd love to meet him and it is nice to know he is so approachable.
i met johnny depp he is extremely nice at his premieres but everywhere else the guy doesnt really give you a second look and his security guard jerry is a dhead, he signed for about 1000 people at his chicago premiere of public enemies though
Michael~ thank you very much for sharing your experience because i've never met him.
I have to differ with you here, Michael. The internet is filled with many video clips and stories about Johnny taking time out on location to meet his fans. He filmed a portion of Pubic Enemies in my home state awhile back. I couldn't make it to the location because I had to work, but I sent a photo to the production office for the movie and he signed it and sent it back.

Here's a clip from one of his meet and greets in Crown Point, Indiana. While following the news of the filming, I found out that he did this in every film location city.

And finally, I note Steve's assessment of Johnny when it comes to signing autographs.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Johnny Depp, take a bow. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star who turns menacing in his new role as murderous barber Sweeney Todd, has been named the best celebrity autograph signer for the third year running.

Depp, 44, and "The Bourne Ultimatum" star Matt Damon were rated as the best Hollywood signers in the 15th annual survey of who's cool -- and who's cruel -- to autograph collectors by Autograph magazine.

"It's the third consecutive year Depp has topped the list of the 10 best signers. Whether at a premiere, in a restaurant or on location, Depp may just be the best Hollywood autograph signer of all time," Steve Cyrkin, the magazine's editor and publisher, said in a statement.

Let's not sell Johnny short - he is very generous with his fans.
Cindy~ thank you very much for sharing your personal story in regards to Mr. Depp.
I would like to thank everyone who has shared their thoughts on this forum as well =)
Its a great post Jason!  208 is a-lot of celebrities!!
well my experience with him was that we saw him 10 times and he signed once, about half the other times he was drunk and didnt even acknowledge us, are you sure your photo is real and not secretarial, i know he doesnt sign much of his own mail.
to put it into perspective, my trip to chicago, i saw johnny depp 10 times he signed 1, i saw christian bale 4 times he signed 4, i saw marion cotillard 5 times she signed 4, i saw michael mann 4 times he signed 3. so i was just going by my personal experience, other people could have had different results. and your videos on youtube with him signing, how many nights was he filming and how many nights did he sign, i know most nights he only shook hands, i think he signed like 1 out of the 10 or 15 days he was in wisconsin, and his security threatened 2 of my friends when they were at his hotel to have them arrested if they asked for his autograph
Well I've only met a handful, My faves so far have been Stone Cold Steve Austin hes a really cool down to earth guy. the Coors light Twins Elaine and Diane and Joan of Arcadia star Amber Tamblyn was absolutely wonderful to meet in person I almost died that night . I've also met Pixie from L.A. Ink . but I did miss Kat Von D at her book signing by only 20 minutes needless to say i was devistated at missing her . I dont remember much about meeting Baywatch star Donna D'Errico except my face was red, was 2 young to get a pic with her. Celebs I'd love to meet Taylor Swift, Alexis Bledel, Devon Aoki, Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Paris Hilton, and yes Johnny Depp hes such a surpurb actor
I have met so many celebs it's difficult to put them all down on a piece of paper.

But I would have to say I would like to meet Jet li and Carla Gugino and mainly because I own the male/female Mandala Necklace they both wore a piece of in the movie "The One" and I would love to get some feedback on it. The necklace got some big time screen time in the movie so there had to be a story behind it. I just think they either didn't bother to tell the story or cut all of that out.

Anyway I have been offered $3500.00 for the necklace years ago but I turned that down without even batting an eye. It would take some really stupid money for me to even think about parting with something so rare.
jet li is kind of a dick and doesnt really take to much time for his fans carla gugino is moody she is very picky about what she signs



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