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What a steal!

Ordered the $150 version still $60+
shipping, but worth it for God!!

$64 shipping to Europe ... quite expensive

Limit 1 at a time.. this should help get some into the hands of true fans. Im one.. had to purchase. Thank you so much for posting

you bet, I had talked myself out of spending this much even though I know it was worth it but that lasted less than 10 minutes and I caved and bought one. thank god for Paypal pay in 4 lol

You say it - thought about shipping costs for a minute - and then ordered! There won't be another opportunity like this any time soon...

Thanks to Joel for posting!

Good job! You are right,, It still is a lot of money even though its cheap for what you are getting. I doubt anyone will regret this purchase. There is no way I would attempt to buy Hetfield on the secondary market since they are mostly all forgeries. He was one of my untouchables. This is a bucket list find for sure

Won’t let me finalize order!

Use paypal

Thank you so much! As others have said crazy shipping but worth it 

I’m shocked this isn’t sold out yet… steal of the year!

Overall it's not cheap and at $68 shipping to Australia. But it's Hetfield!

Thanks for the heads up. The email from the Metallica site didn't reference signed copies. 



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