need help with authenticity of those 3 signed vinyls 

beckett confirmed they are likely to pass 

psa/dna said its not going to pass auth 

so i am confused

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Wrong era for me....Tim G.?


Creeping Death-- No

Load--Possibly,  but you'll have questions on the Lars, just like you do now.

I wouldn't  Buy It.....

a 2 year old can do  lars graph.  u really need to know where its comming from 

and I agrre with becket and / psa theres a 50% chance its real that's why I don't use authenticators

For Load vinyl seller provided this cert(not sure who they are) and two photos from sign session(again not sure if they legit) so idk if that can help out.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

These 2 are Okay! Any particular reason that your only looking at 3/4 Signed items? You can probably find some Fully Signed Metallica items in the Buy/Sell/Trade Section/ Forum.....

Thank you so much for gettin back and confirm everything out!

means a lot !

i will check sell forum and see if anything is up, usually i am tryin to get signed vinyls in collection and not easy to find with all included :( or price is craZy with all 4 so idk 

again thx a lot we can close this topic now ;)

Hi Guys, 

Just an FYI. I got the Creeping Death vinyl signed here in Prague in August by Kirk and Lars... This just shows how bad this process can go for a seller - Epperson denied it, once I messaged him and he knew it was me, Connar Van Grant who got it signed. He of course approved as many know I have been doing graphs for over 15 years now.... The buyer was worried that this was a forgery after he had already bought it. Please see below all items I got signed between August 15th-17th. 

It is always hard for graphers to hear stuff like this, that's why I never trust some of these people on these pages who sit at home and critique graphs. All I know is, I get them in person. The guys sitting at home don't. There is a s*** load of fake stuff these days, always know who you are buying from!  - Regarding Kirk, no idea if it has anything to play in this situation when we got him the night before the Prague show. He was quite drunk, basically, the only reason he signed so much for the 3 of us waiting. James as usual was a hand shake. Lars signed everything but his graphs were very lazy. Just look at the guitar I got signed how lazy the 3 of them have gotten when signing. Time for all the "authenticators" to load up on these graph studies ;) Rock on. CVG. 



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