Does anyone know if these check out? 

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All are not real.

And your justification for that statement?  Deep purple and the stones look good if you match them with previous autographs especially.  The source here is a promoter and has had access to all these bands.  I'm pretty confident 

My justification is in my honest opinion. The Metallica and Stones are certainly not real. I have many in-person examples and these two are just no good.

Deep Purple signature could be rushed in person, but IMO are not real.

The deep purple  does not right imo 

Ian Paice, Don airey and Ian Gillan, look OK I thought.  Roger Glover looks rushed 

No, none of them is ok..... attempt to fake RG´s signature is just hillariously poor. 

DP are very poor fake.... 

As Usual great story trying to back up poor fake signatures 

People seem to be pretty negative on here.  The story is true and I'll be interested to find out more. The guy has had VIP access throughout the years and has helped us all with VIP tickets etc.  

I dont review the story, I review the poor faked autographs... If you bought this crap, request your money back. 

You asked for opinions, and you got them from knowledgable people. That's not negativity.

Source who’s a promoter by and has access to all these bands= D.O.A.


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