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Michael Jackson buyandresellmarketplace12 signndrivecollector Joe Hendrix Gowanda NY

Check out this Michael Jackson signed shoe. The ebay seller has a bunch of these as well Robin Williams. Claims to have gotten the all in person

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Learn to write at a sixth grade level, then try again.  You come off like a raving lunatic, which does zero for your credibility. 

You asked for proof that this person is a scammer.  I showed you.  To say the owner of the eBay account who actually lifted an online pic from a fan site of a tribute artist, cropped the girl out half way of the photo, listed in their description "for privacy purposes I have removed my face from the photo" (pretending they were with MJ--who isn't really MJ) is a joke.  Period. 

Have a good day my friend, and I don't need you to bless my soul.  I'm fine thanks.

Yes Rich your u right it is ZERO Credibility for you to sit here and write blogs all day do any of you have a real job by any chance of you just sit at the computer or smartphones and live on food stamps lol like I said if you have document from any third party such as PSA DNA or JSA then you can talk crap but that's ok I'm having fun I'm retired and I can do this all day long but y U guys might want to get a real job SMH

Why do these guys always sound exactly the same?  Is there an academy for this?

This is the best comment I've seen in months. lol. Hahahahahhaha

I'll give you 12 food stamps for that Jackson shoe?
It's funny none of you actually even met Michael and you act like you know this is hideous
Lol its because as serious collectors who have decades of studying autographs and signatures they can tell the difference between a bad fake and a authentic signature. I personally would rather have the opinions of certain members here than waste $ on a 3rd party authenticator like jsa or PSA.
Lol sorry I do not live of welfare or food stamps you guys have no life lol like I said call PSA DNA and get a job there but I don't think you get it lol

Every keystroke makes you look worse. Not that we're complaining - this is probably the most entertainment we've had in a while.

Yes me to it's called the phone spell so like I asked many times any of you have real jobs??? Or you just do blogs all day lol I mean what do you know about authenticity lol
Ok I'll come clean. I live in my mamma's basement. I have this old computer, one lightbulb hanging from a long wire, and a cat named Dirty Diana. I have a girlfriend on Facebook I hope to meet one day. What I do for a living, I buy memorabilia on eBay to resale at a higher price. Only thing is about 90% of everything I've bought was fake. So I sell that stuff to my friend Chester down the street for $5-$10. Mamma says she bets he sells it back on eBay for what I gave for it. I sure hope not, that would be about the most dishonest thing I could imagine. Tricking people out of their hard earned money. Got to go, mailman at the door, hope it's my Jimi Hendrix signed album!



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