How does this Michael Jackson signature look? Do you believe it’s authentic?

Thank You! 

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Yes it is authentic 

Thank you so much, Prashant! 

My pleasure.  A great signature I believe is from the late 80s early 90s

I still have a signed Michael Jackson album I'm selling for $500 if anyone is interested, contact me.


I am interested


Josh said someone is buying it next week when I asked for photos, FYI.  

For everyone who may or may not have been interested, sight unseen.

I have doubts about this one.

I don't like what's after Michael's H and after Jackson's K ... it seems unusual to me, especially felt pressure, the shape of the letters /waves (sorry, it's difficult for me to give a clear explanation in english).
Anyone have other examples in this style?

Thank you so much, Fred! I agree, the ‘A’ in ‘Michael’ has me worried. But the ‘M’ is similar to authentic examples. My question is why a forger would go through the trouble to split Michael Jackson’s name into two parts. If it was in one row, they would be able to hide half the signature. Also why red ink? I don’t have enough examples of Michael’s signature written in two rows for me to conclude whether it’s authentic or not. 

This is not authentic imo



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