'Michael Jackson' signed items from Michael Jacobshagen (German TV investigation and followup )

The German TV series 'Akte' (File) recently screened a programme  investigating memorabilia and notes purportedly signed by Michael Jackson, which were supplied by a fan called Michael Jacobshagen who met Michael when he was touring in Europe between 1995 and 1998. 

Fans became suspicious about the 'MJ signed' items that were being offered, and 'Akte' investigated on their behalf.    The TV programme can be viewed in English at the link below (Select 'Settings' by clicking top right, then 'Subtitles On', then 'English', and exit 'Settings'.

Examples of the items being offered can be seen in the video.

Steps are now being taken to gather full evidence for a prosecution, and details about who to contact are given below:

To everyone who would like to help the criminal investigation and participate around the debunked deceiver MICHAEL JACOBSHAGEN, and make sure he will be held accountable for his criminal behavior.
Important note for victims:
Make sure you inform the police immediately and file a complaint! If you contact the police in Germany it’s also possible to make a formless complaint. Important is exact or approximate time of the felony, where it happened and how, the submission of all evidence (chat protocol or anything else) and the object of relevance and any other information that you witnessed. You can also refer to the investigation of the Land Office of Criminal Investigation in Brandenburg (Germany) by a handwriting expert from the forensic institute which concluded that the notes in question sold by Jacobshagen were fake. 
You may choose to inform the police close to your domicile. They will then pass on your complaint to the police in Germany. Just be informed that if you chose to do it that way, it may take longer to reach the responsible authorities. If you made an official complaint please inform Matthias Frank or Chantal Obrist of the file reference number. If you are willing to forward the complaint confirmation to one of us as well, that would be great, of course. Just know this is really, really important.

The direct address of the responsible district attorney in Munich (Germany) is as follows:

Staatsanwaltschaft München II
Arnulfstraße 16 - 18
80335 München
Fax no: 089/5597-3327
The direct mailing address to the responsible police office is as follows:

Polizeiinspektion Gauting
Münchener Straße 18
82131 Gauting
Fax no: 089/893133-19

Please know, that each police complaint is helping this case and is contributing our efforts to stop this fraud. Even if it may just little puzzle piece and a side information as for example a book you didn’t receive but paid for or similar things. If you file a complaint it does not cost you anything. You do not need to pay a lawyer or anything. Since this is a criminal case. 
For witnesses who did not become a victim themselves, please know:
Best would be you set up an affidavit about your relevant information regarding this case. You may list any information that may be useful for the criminal authorities, for example high amounts that were requested for services that he wanted to offer or any other criminal offense. Please note, that any testimonies must be truthful and complete. You should not add anything from hearsay nor leave out important information. You have to duly sign your affidavit. Please then forward a copy to Matthias Frank or Chantal Obrist.

It is very important that the worldwide Michael Jackson community know stands together and participates in order to stop this criminal.
If you may have further questions you may contact us, of course.

Please find the text for an affidavit below:
Affidavit of _______________________________________

Please list what you witnessed here (dates, place, time, offers made, suggestions made, events taking place)
I swear, the above statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Date and place

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Great post! I only watched the first few minutes of it, but they look similar to ones we've covered on this site.

 Here are some photos (of variable quality) of some of the Jacobshagen 'MJ-signed'  items.  Jacobshagen was planning to write a book about MJ's last years ('The Lost Notes'), and was planning to include some of the letters / information from these (fake) letters in his book.   Jacobshagen apparently recorded an interview about these letters and his later-years (claimed) relationship with MJ with the American journalist Daphne Barak, which was due to be screened on Australian CBS TV earlier this summer but never actually appeared.   The attached photos are therefore variously derived from German newspaper articles, information shared by D Barak, or from the 'Akte' TV program at the link in the first post on this thread. 

That's great stuff

that's some funny as hell stuff

Michael Jacobshagen has now been interviewed by Australian TV, as part of their 'investigations' into alleged abuse.

Jacobshagen appears from about 2 mins. 

At about 6.45, he shows a 'signed' book 'The Boy', and then pretends to see for the first time that a photo of a boy's butt has been circled and arrowed by MJ. 
The programme says they took the signed items to 'USA forensic expert' Bart Bagget, who declared the signatures all to be genuine.

This trashbag Jackobshagen should have been locked away long time ago.



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