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Michael Jackson picture from a calendar, signed on 15th May 2009.

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Thomas, why don't you compare it to other known genuine examples here and let us know what you think? I have my opinion but I'd like to hear what you have to say about it.
Steve, of course I have my opinion, and having seen many other MJ autographs, I think it's real ... But what I want is the opinion of other people :) !

seriously, why would anyone ask him to sign something like this?

there are so many nice glossys of him, and albums also, but i guess to each his own.

Looks real to me.  I'm pretty confident about it.
See the upward curves at the bottom of the "M" and the end of "Jackson"? I don't recall seeing those on modern MJs considered genuine. That and just the overall feel makes me think this autograph isn't right. But again...I'm not an expert.
In my opinion I don't believe this is authentic either.  I even think I know who signed it.  This person has done 100's of these.
Thanks, Roger.


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