It has the Upper Deck sticker, but no paperwork.  Jordan being the most forged basketball signature out there, I thought I’d check with you guys.


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The problem is that these little hologram stickers can easily be removed from a basketball, put onto another item, and you would never know.

Yeah, that’s why I’m hoping someone can confirm the signature itself.  

This is a common scam, where the crooks will paste Steiner, Upper Deck, PSA or whatever stickers on an item, claiming they "lost" or don't have the actual cert.  I would not trust this signature to be authentic because of this.

Good points brought up by Steve and Terrier.  Personally, though, I do think this is authentic.  

I bet this was signed at one of Jordan’s flight school camps.  Sometimes, kids get these when they’re young, and then they end up losing the COA somehow.  That’s just one possibility.  The other possibilities are listed above.

Thank you for your input guys.  I definitely agree.  Any time a signature has a sticker and no papers, it immediately throws up a red flag.  But it also might be an opportunity to own a genuine signature for a bit less.  Since this would be for my personal sports room, I don’t care about the papers... I just want a real signature.

Is there a resident Jordan guy who is able to give an opinion based on the autograph alone?

James is very good with jordan and to be honest, when i compared this one with some of the UDA certed signatures, it looked very close to me.  I would not be surprised if it were authentic.

Solid Mj signature IMO

Would you guys be comfortable buying this?  Apparently it failed PSA Quick Opinion...

I would not base my decision on a psa quick opinion. 


Honestly, I would be comfortable buying this.  PSA/DNA QO has failed many authentic items.  This doesn’t surprise me at all.  They are way too cautious on their QOs.  Certainly, they are right to fail some items, but they do it too often.  How much attention do you think they gave this item for $10?

This looks like a good Jordan sig to me.  If it’s not it’s the best fake of his I’ve ever seen


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