Michael Jackson signed items / drawings from maria_butterfly0152 and wide_savannah

Sellers maria_butterfly0152 and  wide_savannah have been offering MJ signed items and drawings for some years now.  To date, their offerings have been included in other threads eg the 'Michael Jackson Historic Drawings' thread, but it may be more helpful to have a dedicated thread, so I'm going back to some earlier items which I started noting from late 2014: 

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The next item dates from March 2015:

I like the look of this one. Likely authentic

No they are not authentic, this person is selling forgeries.

I was comparing the signature to this exampler

I then have items from April and July 2015:

Don't like the look of this one. It looks fake.

Next is March 2016:

Then April and May 2016:

Then September 2016:

From seller wide_savannah:

Card (Oct 16)  and 'Blue man ' drawing, (Dec 16):

Also wide_savannah:

June 2017 (guitar guard)

August 2017 (drawing on note)

wide_savannah January 2018:


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