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not real...imo

Jake:  This piece comes with a GFA COA (Guaranteed Forensic Authentication).  They guarantee the item for life or money back...no other authentication does that.

Nicholas, Why are asking if the item is real, if you feel sure that the item is authentic?  I`am not a expert but it looked fake to me. 

I just wanted to see what the experts here say.

So you have doubt????  I never trusted Forensic authentication. Ask Roger Epperson for a his opinion before buying, For $15.00 you could save a lot of heartache if not real. Best of luck.

Or wait for other opinions.

Jake: I didn't buy it yet, that's why I am asking people here.  , but I want to thank you for your opinion.

No problem Nicholas, like i said i`am not a expert, it just looked wrong to me, hope its real and you get it for a good price.

Cheers Jake!  I want it to be real but how can I be sure?  I want people here to say it's real.  Also, a person's signature can change over the years a lot. 


Most of us consider GFA a sign of forgery, not authenticity. I would run--not walk--away from anything with a GFA COA.

OK, thanks Steve...will do.  What do you think of PSA DNA or JSA Spence, sellers who belong to AFTAL or UACC? 


GFA is owned by Steve Rocchi, who I worked with years ago and considered him beyond reproach. Steve has disappointed me greatly since I got opinion that Global Authentication Inc. was more into the money than honesty.

If you trust authenticators like Christopher Morales, Drew Max, Ted Taylor and Global Authentics, then you'll be quite happy with GFA. If you don't, then they might not be for you.




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