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20220926_120011.jpgHello everyone,My name is Mike and Thank You for having me. I found this picture was framed but in an old 80s frame,My uncles house was sold and I was given a few boxes of sports items. He had this signed in 1988, found a few Pele signed with Pele Hologram COA stickers, and a Ken Griffey Jr 16X20 plus an original 1954 Theater Insert poster of Roogies Bump.

I have reserched online and looked at Mantle autographs and this looks ok to me as I don't believe my uncle would have fake items. He ventured to a lot of signings,games etc in his life. Can anyone help me please because I would like to get it Certified and reframed. Thank You,

Mike N

I think it's good.

Hi Steve, Thank You.. Had a few emails from some other autograph specialists and said it looks really good. Thanks For your help. I also have some Pele with COA Holograms and a ken griffey Jr with the mantle that were given to me. 



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