Hello I picked up this Mickey Mantle autograph back in February 1995 I do not know anything about autographs, then I heard about many fakes In the market. I am looking for  and opinion regarding If it is a real autograph, As a kid live near Yankee Stadium I got to see Mickey play quite a bit. I bought it a a sports shop in Cape Cod....thanks all

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I believe this to be authentic.

Thanks Steve makes me feel better, I was thinking of sending it to PSA for authenticity and did not know if it was worth the money.

Yes, very authentic.

Looks  good.  PSA for $150 or so does not look so good.

Yes, authentic.

Thank you James looks like I have real Mickey Mantle autograph I am exited!

Yeah, it’s nice to know you haven’t been looking at a fake for 23 years, huh?  When that happens, it’s a real bummer.  But it’s all good!

It's always nice to see the authentic Mantle autos.

Thanks John for your input on the Mickey Mantle autograph!

Thank you all


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