Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball Forgery Ebay Seller Elchinito AAU Drew Max COA

Here's another putrid and pathetic-looking Mickey Mantle forgery with a COA from AAU (Drew Max).

This Mickey Mantle forgery on a baseball is listed by Ebay seller Elchinito.

Ebay seller Elchinito writes describes this piece-of-crap Mickey Mantle forgery as a "Unique Autographed Baseball With two COAs."

There is nothing unique about this Mickey Mantle forgery; this particular Mickey Mantle forgery was produced in the thousands.


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Seems like Mr. Williams is an expert at determining authentic Mickey Mantle autographed memorabilia. He states and I quote that the baseball that I currently have on Ebay and have been offering since middle of May is a putrid and pathetic-looking Mickey Mantle forgery produced in the thousands. If that was the case then you would find that particular 1994 World Series baseball autographed by Mantle being sold by others on Ebay, Yahoo, Sports Collector Digest, and any and all memorabilia sites. A reply by Mr. Farrell stated that some seismic activity ocurred during the signing of my baseball along with severe laboring by the signer. I do not know if their was seismic activity but this baseball was signed within months of Mantle's death so I am sure he was laboring. I purchased this particular baseball from a very reputable collector who then sent the baseball to be authenticated by Drew Max. Mr. Max authenticated the baseball as original. Mickey Mantle's autograph is unique and the autograph on my baseball looks dead on to any of the autographs authenticated by PSA, James Spence, or any other authenticator. The only individual that truly knows if my baseball was autographed by Mickey Mantle is GOD. Mr. Williams is nobody to judge whether any autograph is authentic. The authenticity of any item is left up to the potential purchaser to decide by either purchasing the item or simply passing on the item. What is more interesting is that my alledgedly forged baseball is still being offered on Ebay. All associated with Ebay know that if any autographed item is questioned for authenticity Ebay simply removes the item. That shows everybody that Ebay has no issues with my items authenticity.

Your excuse is pathetic at best Jorge Santana. Christopher Williams, for your information, is probably the most knowledgeable Mickey Mantle expert in the U.S., and probably one of the top in the world. He exposes Mantle forgeries every single day. Yours is one of them!! Drew Max, of pawn stars fame, is on par with Christopher Morales. Any autograph collector would know this beyond any doubt. Your bringing GOD into this, is absurd and pathetic. Your excuses about leaving it up to the purchaser are pathetic. You obviously dont care one little bit if you sell a forgery, and probably will continue to sell many others. What your doing is disgusting and shameful. Any respectful ebay seller would take this item down immediately, but obviously you dont fall into that category. And your excuse about ebay holds NO water. Right now ebay is letting horrible putrid forgeries be sold and not taken down. Their are forgeries 10 times as bad as yours being sold and ebay isnt reacting.  Stop trying to rip customers off and try and run a legit business.

Mr. Ryan, I acquired my baseball as an original Mickey Mantle autographed baseball and I am selling as an authentic Mickey Mantle autographed baseball. What Christopher Williams thinks of my baseball which he has only seen in several pictures may mean something to you but means nothing to me. Mr. Williams was not present for every autograph signed by Mantle during his decades of autographing memorabilia. No one for sure can say whether any item was or was not signed by Mantle. The items are analyzed for characteristics of an authentic Mantle autograph. If those unique characteristics do not exist then the item is called a forgery. The problem is that the authenticator does not know the specific circumstances surrounding any signed item. So any autograph may and usually varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the signing. I stand behind my baseball and will continue to offer my baseball on Ebay. The selling of sports memorabilia is not my business. I have been an avid collector for over two decades and am simply selling an item that I feel is authentic just as I felt when I purchased it from a reputable collector. The prospective purchaser has to do research and decide if any product being sold is authentic or not. Mr. Williams and yourself have the right to your own opinions and the public will have to decide on whose opinion they will believe. 

There are thousands of forgeries sitting on Ebay right now.  Just because Ebay hasn't removed it at this point doesn't mean much of anything.

Mr. Viola, if there would of been any doubt about my baseball's authentication Ebay would of immediately removed the item. My baseball still being on Ebay means that Ebay has no doubt about its authentication. Any individual can opinionate about an items validity but the potential purchaser needs to make an informed decision about the particular item and decide to purchase or pass. Again, I purchased my baseball as an authentic autograped Mickey Mantle baseball from a reputable collector and I am currently selling it as an authentic autographed Mickey Mantle baseball. If any individual can provide solid and verifiable documentation that shows that my baseball is a forgery I would be the first to hand it over to my lab who enjoys chewing on baseballs.

"Mr. Viola, if there would of been any doubt about my baseball's authentication Ebay would of immediately removed the item. My baseball still being on Ebay means that Ebay has no doubt about its authentication."

I'm sorry, and I hardly want to start an online dispute here, but that is simply not true and represents a pretty profound misunderstanding of how Ebay operates.  They are absolutely not watching auctions like a hawk and thoroughly assessing authenticity on an auction-by-auction basis.  The insane number of very, very poorly forged autographs sold on a daily basis proves this.  I don't think many people in this hobby who have bought and sold on Ebay to any extent would disagree with me.  

That being said, Ebay does occasionally take action when certain members or employees prove their case, so we'll see what happens in this instance.  They do seem to have an especially acute interest in Mantle, since he is one of the most sought after (and forged) sports autographs out there.

Jorge,  there are thousands of forgeries sold on Ebay every week.  Some get removed when "Reported."  Most don't.  Ebay has been doing a lousy job of removing forgeries during the last six months. 

Ebay makes a ton of money just on the sales of forgeries.  We expose tons of Mantle forgeries on this website.  The majority of those are the "banana" Mickey Mantle piece-of-crap that you are selling. 

PSA and JSA would reject your "Mantle" in a millisecond.  Fortunately, at the price you're asking, even the wannabe autograph collectors on Ebay won't bite at your auction.

Your right Chris. This idiot could drop the price in half and with an AAU COA he still wont sell it.

Jorge, it really is obvious to everyone but you that people are wise to this scheme. It is your responsibility as a seller to make sure your item is authentic before you post. You obviously have done zero research about Mantle. If you had, you would know this is a forgery. You would also find forensic document examiners in the autograph field have extremely poor reputations in my opinion and many others on this site, several worse than others. Their are 2 names in the FDE business that make collectors cringe. They are easy to find out and take mere minutes to find, and you obviously never tried. You are offering your item as authentic, and its YOUR responsibility to do everything you can to make sure its authentic. AND YOU ABSOLUTELY SPENT NO TIME DOING SO. If you had, you would see the huge huge huge red flags that go up, without even looking at the signature. And the signature is way way off. But you already know this. And the whole you never know unless you saw it signed bit is used by every seller of forgeries on the net. It holds no water and 99 percent of the time its complete and total B.S., used as a smoke screen to sell bad items.

Jorge, your post is amusing at best.

Your Mickey Mantle "autographed" baseball is a forgery that has probably been produced in the thousands.  Some get removed and some don't.  Ebay does not use a "filtering" process to remove forgeries.  It must be "Reported" first.  It's unfortunate, but Ebay was doing a great job of removing forgeries when "Reported." but sometime during the last six months Ebay stopped removing crap like yours. 

I want you to show me one, just one, Mickey Mantle like yours that PSA or JSA has authenticated.  Show me one, Jorge.

Do you study autographs?  Many of us here have been studying autographs for a long time.  We expose garbage like yours because we are sick and tired of crap like yours infecting the autograph collecting hobby.

As for Drew Max, below are some links to read about Drew Max.




Mr. Williams, as I have stated I acquired my baseball as an authentic autographed Mickey Mantle baseball from a reputable collector. That collector sent dozens of Mantle, DiMaggio, and Williams items for authentication to Drew Max. Max provided COA for the dozen items that the collector had sent him and all items were certified authentic. One of those items was my baseball. I went onto Ebay and found that currently Ebay has 774 active listings with the heading Mickey Mantle PSA Autographed. I printed out a picture of my baseball and analyzed those 774 listings certified by PSA and found that my baseball compares in every way with the autographs certified by PSA. Every autograph is different but the key characteristics remain the same. I will continue to stand behind my baseball and continue to sell as authentic until you or any other person can provide me irrefutable evidence that it is a forgery. If anyone can my lab will receive a new play toy.

All items were certified authentic? That is the rap Drew Max has. Authenticates everything. Unless you forgot to include a check or money order!!!



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