Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball Forgery Ebay Seller Fletchcards COA Howard's Sports Collectibles

Here's another Mickey Mantle forgery on a baseball found on Ebay.

Ebay is rampant with Mickey Mantle forgeries as always.

This is a typical Mickey Mantle forgery on a baseball with a COA from Howard's Sports Collectibles.

I have never observed an authentic autograph with a COA from Howard's Sports Collectibles

This Mickey Mantle forgery is listed by Ebay seller Fletchcards.

This is a typical, putrid Mickey Mantle forgery with a COA from Howard's Sports Collectibles.

Look at this crap with a COA from Howard's Sports Collectibles.

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HAHAHA!!! The old Legal team/ lawsuit threats. Do you realize how many times your kind does this on this site. I bet i have seen legal action and lawsuits threatened no less that 20 times by various ebay sellers. And you know how many times those imaginary lawsuits have occurred. ZERO!!!  You should also know that now on any google search this site and its results will show up front and center

Now that's funny...har har harde har har

Legal Schmeagle. Furthermore, whenever you see that stupid eagle and a certificate from these buffoons signed by Ted Forsberg, you can rest assured 99.9% that it is a forgery. You will be hard pressed to find an authentic signature accompanied by the Howards Eagle Forsberg group, IMHO.

This isn't to bash Howard, it's to bash that putrid Mantle forgery that is so easy to spot a fourth grader studying for 5 minutes can see it. Obviously Big Ange, you don't want to see it. You just want to spout Legal mumbo Jumbo. LOL. If you want to be associated with a fakes like this go right ahead and believe it's real. I want to believe that Santa Claus is coming down my chimney next month too. Geech, what a maroon and tra la la goon D A

Thought I would add this review from Yelp regarding Howard's:

4/19/2013 First to Review

Well, I recently purchased a signed Mickey Mantle baseball that came with a COA from here. Found out that it is an item that was involved in the operation bullpen forgery deal that happened in the 90's. So as the COA states, it guarantees the autograph, full purchase price, for life to be authentic. I call them and in not so many words, they changed the name of their company, but stayed in the same location, with the same phone number, but don't honor any previous transactions. Sorry, these people are shady, and don't live up to their word. I would steer clear of doing any business with them.

Which way is the "legal" game going to be played?

Simply put, that Mickey Mantle is a putrid forgery.


Ms. Fletcher, you can easily prove me wrong by submitting your Mickey Mantle autograph to PSA or JSA.

Do it and prove me wrong!!!!!

By the way, Ms. Fletcher, here's another Mickey Mantle forgery with a COA from Howard's Sports Collectibles.

Here's yet another example of a Mickey Mantle forgery with a worthless COA from Howard's Sports Collectibles.

What ever happened of the legal team defending possible forgers using worthless coa's? 

They were too busy helping OJ look for the real killers.

Don’t feel bad I’ve got a Ted Williams ball that also had beenagged as a fake fro Howard’s Sports Collctibles from Leicester, Ohio.  I had 3  ball verified and his was flagged as fake.  Got certificate from him stated it was real.



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