Just found this in my parents basement and am wondering if it’s possibly real? I have no idea anymore. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome. I hope this is not a "Florida Forgery". Others will chime in quickly I should think, weekend aside.

PS - Pardon the "welcome" - I thought you were new here :)

That is a "Florida" forgery, Eric.

Hi Christopher, that's what I was afraid of. My first ventures into Sports. I added the signature, photo quality, framing, plaque and that sticker and with a little looking at the "Florida" thread here it did not look good. Sorry Mark :(

Well done, Eric.

Thank you Christopher :)

sorry, but its a common forgery.

Saw this Florida forgery. It's actually a reprint, for $19.99. I'm thinking... A reprint forgery? Lol. Now I've seen it all.

JOE DIMAGGIO & MICKEY MANTLE Autographed 8X10 high gloss photo. This photo would look great matted and framed for any collector. Shipping will go out the next day after payment has been made. This is a reprint and comes with a full 100% guarantee or your money back. Thanks and have a great day. 


It may be one of the actual forgeries. The source, Tony Podsada, was selling them as reproductions at the National. Tons of them are still sold as real, but podsada may not be selling them at all as such anymore.

As far as I'm concerned, Steve, Ebay was/is a silent partner throughout this entire episode.

how can they not be?  they are profiting from it.

I don't disagree, Chris.

Whether killing the EMR program and becoming largely hands-off on authenticity we're marketing decisions, legal decisions, or both, I have no doubt that eBay did it conscious of the consequences to their customers.




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