I’ll start by saying I don’t trust psa/dna.  I’ve recently seen forged Unitas and ray nitschke autographs slabbed in psa/dna holders so my confidence in the company isn’t at 100%.  That said, I’ve seen a few questionable mantle autos get slabbed too.  Including this one attached.  What do y’all think?

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You're golden. Absolutely authentic!!

The M’s bother me.  Mostly because they don’t flow in the direction of the following letters.

All good.


nothing wrong with this Mantle.

What do y’all see as the tell-all?  Maybe im on the fence sense it is not the best auto.  What gets me is Mickey.  Seems so strange.  

It's all in the "eye," Sean.

don't focus on the M's.  Yes, there are some definite forgery styles where the M's are elongated repeatedly, but in those cases, the entire signature is off.  In this case, its a no brainer authentic Mantle.  


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