Is this trout Authentic? I know his signature is forged a lot!

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dont buy anything that doesn't have his hologram or UDA, he is the most forged ball player right now.

I haven't seen his hologram. He has one?

Glad he signs during spring training.

If I wanted a Trout autograph I would get a pack-issued on-card auto, pray for TTM, or IP. I would not trust even PSA/DNA or JSA on him, as his signature is so simple and there are hundreds of thousands of forgeries out there. 

This one is not an obvious forgery so it could be authentic but as I said I would be VERY CAREFUL buying any Trout.

Agreed. Wouldn't exactly take a master forger to knock off this very simple signature convincingly.

100% agree, he is pretty nice. He signs in person

card looks pretty close to me, but like the others mentioned, his new style sig is pretty easy to forge unfortunately. it's nice to try to get deals on IP stuff, but he does sign frequently at stadiums and ST, and there are so many Topps-certified autos of his out there (and more coming, I'm sure) that you'll soon be able to find a legit one with little to no premium over a questionable item like this.


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