Mint Signed Carrie Underwood Cry Pretty Picture Disc Vinyl

I have it listed on Discogs here - but willing to take offers!

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Are you Stupid!... Who cares ?

Ray Martin - There is no need to be rude or personal to anybody’s posts.

Indeed. Who is this idiot ? This is his first discussion ! Should be kicked out of this forum...

Lol - okay! Way to welcome new members, Ray. My best advise is to use that little wheel on your mouse and keep scrolling.

This part of the forum is to share links to autographs which come direct from the artist. Offered through their own store, their label or stores we know get them through direct channels (for example Barnes & Noble signed books). This is not the place to share personal sales.

Ahh got it! Thanks for the insight.

Unless you are Carrie Underwood under an alias ;)

Lol! Maybe.

400 beans.  dam.

Lovely piece! She has a great sig.

I got her in person once and she was really nice!

How cool!

I moved this one to General Music discussion, as I don't think we have a thread specifically for buying/selling/trading music autographs.


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