“The Cookbook” Signed Artcard Double Vinyl - Missy Elliott - Atlant...

THANKFULLY The Art Card Is The Size Of A Poster! ;-) :-D

Not sure if it is US ONLY!


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I agree, it is weird and I prefer the silver signature to the black but that is the way she signs them. 

This is what I received today.

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The junk I received today!

I don't get the complaining on the Missy's to each their own I guess but she signs a heck of alot nicer then alot of these artists and these all look really nice

Yeah Shawn I think yours looks really good and totally legit. Great placement of the signature on top of that. I hope mine looks as good.

Yeah I agree I think it looks good as well

Mine arrives Monday and I hope I am lucky enough to get the silver sharpie signature 

My copy came in today. I'm happy with it!

Got mine today.  I love it. Can read her signature 

Same here, pleased with this one for sure 

I ordered two, one arrived in black in with a full name, the other in gray sharpie with a shorter signature… I’m planning on selling one…but I need advice and which one I should keep?

Depends on if you want more money or the better signature. I generally go for the better signature and in that case I'd keep the black one. But that may sell for a bit more than the grey one if it looks a lot better... but probably won't make a huge difference in price so I'd probably go with keeping the black one. 



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