“The Cookbook” Signed Artcard Double Vinyl - Missy Elliott - Atlant...

THANKFULLY The Art Card Is The Size Of A Poster! ;-) :-D

Not sure if it is US ONLY!


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I don't have tracking or anything yet, but received this message today with my inquiry on the different types of signings showing up:

"Missy Elliott is signing art cards which will be sent to you at no extra cost."

I had already purchased the full thing, so not sure if there are re-signings being done. haven't seen anyone else update with anything matching the original images. My order still shows processing, maybe that changes and was being held up.

I received my record today and this is what the signature looks like on the art card. 

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Looks good, receiving mine on Monday 

Looks awful. What happened to all those nice ones signed in black. 

Who knows but a few on eBay are worse. At this point I really don’t mind. Could’ve been way worse, like Seth Rogen’s signature on his recent book. 

Completely different looking signature. Don’t even know what’s real anymore lol. 

There are 2 videos on twitter and Instagram which shows Missy signing in black and silver.. It seems that when she signs her full name, she does have a different style compared to if she only signs her name and the E. If you would just compare the videos,  you would see it. I have no doubts that these are good. I

I just don’t understand why someone has two different signatures esp when one looks like crap? 

I agree, it is weird and I prefer the silver signature to the black but that is the way she signs them. 

This is what I received today.

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The junk I received today!


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