I purchased this 45 picture sleeve last week on eBay. I should have checked before bidding, but do these autographs from Micky and Davy look legit? Sorry, the photo they posted isn't the best.

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I don't have any problem with these...

I would if I were you get that record out of that sleeve asap though...

Why Don?

Paul...do you mean "why" about the record being inside the sleeve?? 

If that's what you mean it's because 45s can cause damage to the sleeve...split the seams etc. And since this sleeve is autographed I would think that Nick would want to keep it as pristine and problem free as possible.

You can't do that when the record inside. This release is how many decades old ?? The 45 makes an impression and leaves what is referred to as "ring wear" on the paper sleeve. I would have hoped that Nick would have asked them to ship the thing with the record outside the sleeve. The record itself really has zero value...

Right Nick ??


I almost always ask sellers to take the records out of the sleeve, but forgot this time. I'm hoping they did...

All of the 45s and 33s in my collection are outside of the sleeves and covers.
Yeah I really hope they shipped it with the record outside of the sleeve...
Agreed, I keep all of my records out of their sleeves.
Oh sure if shipping take them out. I take most of my signed vinyls out of the sleeve, if i did it to thr rest id miss place them.

Nick, I regret to tell you I do not believe this is real and I would try to get my money back.

The seller seems questionable to me, so I'm not very confident myself.

Any things that specifically stand out to you as bad?
It comes from a problem seller, with bad Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin and Stones items. The Stones signatures are also claimed to be from a meet and greet.
Not sure why I didn't do some research on the seller... I'm usually better at this, I swear!

they look real but it is hard to tell from them being  a little blury.



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