found this on a dutch Marketplace and i'am interested but the autograph at the end is new to me so hope someone could help me out.

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It's definitely different although I see traits of his writing style in the inscription. I believe this has a decent chance of being written by Morgan. Very cool item!

is there a site where i can compare his handwriting? how do you know his style of writing? thanks for answer.

I just searched around and tried to find examples with additional handwriting other than his signature. Just comparing the signature you have versus others I've seen is not convincing. But, when I look at his general handwriting style I see elements that are more favorable. Just my observation and I'm not convinced it would pass a TPA but, if I saw this being offered for sale, I would find it an interesting enough piece which deserves deeper review.

ok...the seller ask for a low 35 euro's and i asume he doesn't know what he is selling because all his items do come from clearing houses etc. he is selling more autographs from who i know are authentic for sure. these items come from a lady with a movie background...i wil put a al pacino he is selling on autograph live in a few minutes.

If it was me I would buy it without hesitation at that price. Personally, I like this piece, a lot. Worth the risk, imo.




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