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The first one, I would say no.  The second one concerns me with the stopping dot at the end of each name.

I don't like either

the first one is no good.   The second one looks good to me, but I would get a quick opinion from

Thanks terrier the first picture I got from a sports memorabilia store in Myrtle beach South Carolina heroes hangout about 28 years ago attached is there cert that came with it , probably not worth the paper it’s written on.

How to you post image thumbnails like that? I can only add image attachments in this forum 

When you click on reply the box you type in look at top left second square in touch that square then it’s self explanatory from there . Good luck if you are still struggling let me know. 

Terrier just found this I forgot it came with it, I’m shocked how much the signature has faded over the years, it’s in a cabinet out of the sun sealed in a plastic case.

I didn't like it because the writing looked to jagged, it's one reason I tend to only collect his vtg sigs as a rule--I find later examples too hard to authenticate.

If the photo is glossy an auto will fade faster, also if anything was rubbing against it, even plastic toploaders can do that

I agree Al, I much prefer his 60's signatures as his later ones are difficult to authenticate.

My first picture seems to have disappeared, so having posted two COA’s do you still think they are fakes ?

Surprised no reply to my last post.

I recommend this gentleman to review it. He can do online consultations for like $5 if it's something your bidding on. If you want his certification sticker you will have to send the photo to him. Steve was an absolute pleasure to talk to and I have used him before. I highly recommend him:  

Steve Jackson, President
Steve Jackson Authentications
Specializing in Muhammad Ali Memorabilia: We Knock Out the Fakes!
6 Passaic Street, Hackensack, New Jersey, 07601
Telephone: 201-803-5162
E-mail: [email protected]



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