Though I recall a member posting a blog asking about this a while ago, I could not relocate it for my purpose in this discussion.

It can be nice when one stumbles upon a musician's shop (via their website), to see that they are selling their autographs. Stephen Duncan has referred to this as a 'win-win' situation. I figured this could grow as a wee database for listing those musicians who partake in this.

I recently recieved a couple press photos signed in ballpoint from John Mayall's website ( I am also aware that you can purchase signed CDs from Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits( John 5 ( formerly Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie guitarist) sells various items signed, with an option to dedicate.


So, does anyone else know of this being done by other musicians?

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Likewise, huge fan......thanks for the post.

Deluxe bundle ordered!

Signed cd + signed print
Just wondering, when it states signed print, is the signature then also printed?
No a print is just another term for poster or litho.

While Newbury no longer has them, Haim has added the autographed CDs to their own store for only $12.99. However, like the other signed promos on their site, this one will not ship to the US. Strange they're using USD for items that won't ship to the US.*/*/Something-To-Tell-You-Signed-CD/5LCF0000000;jsessionid=9E6B64CF1450D2EC7A84C817970EDFD4.t1

Lana Del Rey..."Lust for Life" - Limited Edition Autographed Clear Vinyl 2LP..

Wow, nice one.

Looks like maybe the vinyl is sold out but signed CDs still available?

US only..

I tried to order the Morrison bundle. Kinda expensive at $120, but...I couldn't figure out how to do it. I didn't see a button to press that let me order it. Oh well. Maybe it sold out, although it should state that.

It might be sold out. I selected the t-shirt size and it didn't go to the cart like it did the first time. I kinda wish I had ordered 2, because his autographs are not cheap and you get 2 with this bundle.
Damn. I saw it at lunch time but was in a rush so I was planning on ordering this evening. Now it's gone....

Stephen Stills and Judy Collins dual signed pre-order items including an LP, CD, poster... at Pledgemusic.



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