My Bloody Valentine Loveless 24" x 24" or 28" x 28" Signed Print !

Shipping January / February 2022

24" Signed Print Limited to 350  - £140

28" Signed Print Limited to 150  - £185

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Damn, I love this band but that price is a bit much. Wish they would have just sold some signed LPs instead for $100.

Easy decision for me, frame this up. Happy to get it. THANKS OP.

I dont know too much about them but their current members are the same 4 that worked on the loveless album. These are signed by the 4 members you want. Unsigned art is £90.. so for an extra £50, it doesnt seem too bad for true fans.. im passing but here's a link to the only autographs of theirs I could find quick on ebay jsa certified, if you want an idea of what their autographs should look like before buying

Their lineup has been fixed since the first album, so it was never going to be anything other than the classic four.

Never could get excited by this band, then or now.  Lord knows, I’ve tried, but they just don’t do it for me.

That said, these look like quality prints, and they don’t seem outrageously priced, to me.  If I were a fan, I’d snap one up, but it’s not a good time for me to be making frivolous purchases, so I’m going to pass.

Nick!!  I just popped in a minute ago and spotted your thread here.  ACE WORK TODAY, SIR.

These are gonna be beautiful. 

And as a bonus, shipping to the States is the same and, magically, reasonable as hell for either size.

So tough call, tough call--big or small?  Which one did you end up scoring?  I might pick up the 24" to help keep the mat and frame from busting the bank as hard.

I'm going to have to make up my mind pretty soon, though, cause they look right now to be down to the last 14 of the large!

No Problem! Both are expensive - I went for the 24" as I didn't want to totally break the bank either ! 

Sold Out. Despite the price they went quicker than I expected!

Just came to say the same. I’m not the biggest fan, but I bit on this one. It’s a large print of an iconic album signed by the entire original group. I think it’s a great piece. 



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