Here are highest quality scans of the front and back. I also looked at it with magnifying glass (of my son, so it's not a high quality magnifying glass). To me it looks like real and live ink (although I'm not an expert in deciding weather the ink is real or not). What do you think?

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Nice! From the images you’re showing it sure looks like live ink to me. And it’s far nicer than it looked framed up.

Where's the YouTube vid?

It looks great. Congrats!

nice signature

Love it.congrats!

Thank you all

I guess I was wrong. On this photo it doesn't look like a print. I say carefully congrats. 

Thanks Michael. Try this app: Cozy Magnifier & Microscope - it's a great one!

Nice one Daniel!!!

Thanks Jim

I have wonderful news!
I managed to contact the original owner of the autograph. I asked the Russian seller who sold it to me if he remembers who sold it to him on Ebay in 2014. Luckily for me, he remembered and gave me the Ebay username he bought from. He told me that he also remembers that her first name was Emma (just like the name written on the paper). Anyway, I sent her a message through Ebay messages and to my surprise she answered quickly. That's what she said:

Hi Daniel
Thank you for your email, yes Paul signed this personally for me, I was out for dinner one evening in London when I saw him with his wife they where sat 3 tables away from me, I caught his eye and asked him if he wouldn’t mind proving me with an autograph and he quite happily obliged, we had a lovely chat, he was a very lovely man.
I’ve since been told that he doesn’t often add a smiley face to his signature so that makes it a little more special.
I hope you enjoy your purchase.

Isn't it great, or what? I sent her one more message asking if she remembers in what year that happened and if Paul was with Heather Mills or Nancy Shevell and the name of the restaurant, but she hasn't answered yet (maybe she won't answer.....)

One more other thing: I managed to download to my smartphone a great magnifier app, so now the autograph and handwriting can be seen from really closely in a great quality. You can see that this isn't a copy because there are no pixels at all. The ink lines look continuous and flowing. Take a look:

That is pretty nice quality. What is the name of the app? 




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